Toward Usable Security Administration

Konstantin Beznosov

16 October 2005

Abstract: Administration of protection mechanisms for large networked information enterprises is challenging due to large numbers of application instances resources and users, complex and dynamic business processes, and high (and always growing) volume of change because of the first two (large scale and dynamics). Significant portion of the complexity and the cost of security administration are due to the ineffective human computer interaction (HCI) models and interfaces employed in security administration. This talk introduces an upcoming project which goal is to develop better ways of representing cognitive models and find efficient HCI techniques to improve security administration for large-scale networked information enterprises.

Keyword(s): usable security administration ;usable security; HOT Admin

Published in: Konstantin Beznosov, "Toward Usable Security Administration," presented at the 4th Annual Advanced Networks Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 27 April, 2004.:

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