OpenIDemail Enabled Browser: Towards Fixing the Broken Web Single Sign-On Triangle

San-Tsai Sun ; Kirstie Hawkey ; Konstantin Beznosov

16 August 2010

Abstract: Current Web single sign-on (SSO) solutions impose a cognitive burden on web users and do not provide content-hosting and service providers (CSPs) with sufficient incentives to become relying parties (RPs). We propose a browser-based Web SSO solution that requires minimal user interaction and provide RPs with clear value propositions to motivate their adoption. Our approach builds OpenID support into web browsers, hides OpenID identifiers from users by using their existing email accounts, extends the OpenID protocol to perform authentication directly by browsers, and introduces an OpenIDAuth HTTP access authentication scheme to convey authenticated identities automatically into websites that support OpenID for authentication. Our solution embeds an intuitive and consistent login experience for web users in the browser; to motivate adoption by RPs, it provides them with instant marketable leads and the potential for gradual engagement of site visitors.

Keyword(s): OpenID ; Web Single Sign-On ; Web Identity Management ; Authentication ; Identity-Enabled Browser ; issnet

Published in: San-Tsai Sun, Kirstie Hawkey, and Konstantin Beznosov. OpenIDemail Enabled Browser: Towards Fixing the Broken Web Single Sign-On Triangle. In Proceedings of the Sixth ACM Workshop on Digital Identity Management (DIM), October 8 2010.:

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