Open problems in Web 2.0 user content sharing

San-Tsai Sun ; Konstantin Beznosov

13 March 2010

Abstract: Users need useful mechanisms for sharing their Web 2.0 content with each other in a controlled manner across boundaries of content-hosting and service providers (CSPs). In this paper, we discuss open problems and research opportunities in the domain of Web 2.0 content sharing among users. We explore issues in the categories of user needs, current sharing solutions provided by CSPs, and distributed access-control related technologies. For each open problem, we discuss existing and potential solutions, and point out areas for future work.

Keyword(s): Web 2.0 controlled sharing ; issnet

Published in: San-Tsai Sun and Konstantin Beznosov, "Open problems in Web 2.0 user content sharing," presented at the iNetSec Workshop, Zurich, Switzerland, April 23th 2009, 44 pages.:

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