Book page at the publisher's web siteEnterprise Security with EJB and CORBA

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Bret Hartman, Donald J. Flinn, and Konstantin Beznosov, Enterprise Security With EJB and CORBA. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001.

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This book shows you how to apply enterprise security integration (ESI) to secure your enterprise from end-to-end, using theory, examples, and practical advice. We present material on how to use the programming tools and models, and how to understand the specifications that are available to build a secure system. We present the theory behind the models and explain the thinking behind many of the security specifications that are at the forefront of the technology today.

Our emphasis is in showing you how to build and understand the complexities of an end-to-end secure enterprise system. Consequently, we do not cover in-depth some of the more arcane aspects of security such as cryptography, PKI, or how to build the security services themselves. We discuss these specialized security technologies in the context of their use in a distributed system so that you can judge how and where to use them.

This book gives you both a detailed technical understanding of the major components of an end-to-end enterprise security and a broad description of how to deploy and use these technologies to secure your corporation and its interaction with the outside world.