CORBAmed Security White Paper

Wayne Wilson ; Konstantin Beznosov

16 October 2005

Abstract: The issue of security in healthcare has been discussed from a variety of perspectives at many CORBAmed meetings. This report focuses on the practical topic of how CORBAmed RFPs for services can go forward while accounting for security requirements. As we have found out, the exact nature of what is encompassed in the use of the word security can vary from person to person. Even if we start with a specific definition of security, requirements will also vary across a spectrum of viewpoints.

Keyword(s): heathcare security ; security requirements ; CORBA Security ; CORBAmed ; engineering security mechanisms

Published in: Wayne Wilson, Konstantin Beznosov, "CORBAmed Security White Paper," Object Management Group, corbamed/97-11-03: (7 November, 1997)

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Engineering Security Mechanisms
Technical Reports

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