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000000306 100__ $$aPrimal Wijesekera
000000306 245__ $$aAndroid Permissions Remystified: A Field Study on Contextual Integrity
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000000306 520__ $$aWe instrumented the Android platform to collect data regarding how often and under what circumstances smartphone applications access protected resources regulated by permissions. We performed a 36-person field study to explore the notion of “contextual integrity,” i.e., how often applications access protected resources when users are not expecting it. Based on our collection of 27M data points and exit interviews with participants, we examine the situations in which users would like the ability to deny applications access to protected resources. At least 80% of our participants would have preferred to prevent at least one permission request, and overall, they stated a desire to block over a third of all requests. Our findings pave the way for future systems to automatically determine the situations in which users would want to be confronted with security decisions.
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000000306 700__ $$aAshkan Hosseini
000000306 700__ $$aSerge Egelman
000000306 700__ $$aDavid Wagner
000000306 700__ $$aKonstantin Beznosov
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000000306 909C4 $$pPrimal Wijesekera, Arjun Baokar, Ashkan Hosseini, Serge Egelman, David Wagner and Konstantin Beznosov. 2015. Android Permissions Remystified: A Field Study on Contextual Integrity. USENIX Security 2015, Washington DC, USA.
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