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000000229 100__ $$aSara Motiee
000000229 245__ $$aInvestigating User Account Control Practices  
000000229 260__ $$c2010-02-04
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000000229 520__ $$aNon-administrator user accounts and the user account control (UAC) approach of Windows Vista are two practical solutions to limit the damage of malware infection. UAC in Windows Vista supports usage of lower privilege accounts; a UAC prompt allows users to raise their privileges when required. We conducted a user study and contextual interviews to understand the motives and challenges participants face when using different user accounts and the UAC approach. Most participants were not aware of or motivated to employ low-privileged accounts. Moreover, most did not understand or carefully consider the prompts. 
000000229 6531_ $$aUsable security, Least privilege, User account control, UACP
000000229 700__ $$aKirstie Hawkey
000000229 700__ $$aKonstantin Beznosov
000000229 8560_ $$fmotiee@ece.ubc.ca
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000000229 909C4 $$pSara Motiee, Kirstie Hawkey and Konstantin Beznosov. Investigating User Account Control Practices. In Proceedings of the 28th international Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Atlanta, GA, USA, April 10 - 15, 2010). ACM, New York, NY, 6 pages.
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