An RT-based Policy Model for Converged Networks

San-Tsai Sun ; Konstantin Beznosov

07 November 2008

Abstract: Technologies advanced in communication devices and wireless networks enable telecommunication network operators to provide rich personalized multimedia services. To attract potential customers and increase average revenue per customer, network operators will provide personalized services as differentiating factors in the near future. To accommodate the diversity and complexity of future networks, it is desirable to have an unified access management framework for supporting current and future network operations. As part of efforts in developing access management framework for a large telecommunication company in Canada, we developed policy models for current and future operation modes of converged networks. The proposed policy models are used as the basis for the specification of access control policies in a larger project of access management framework. The relations between elements in the proposed policy model are expressed formally using RT framework. Policy model use-cases are used to demonstrate how RT credentials and policies can be developed based on the proposed policy models.

Keyword(s): Policy Model ; Telecommunication Network ; Converged Network ; RT language

Published in: San-Tsai Sun and Konstantin Beznosov, "An RT-based Policy Model for Converged Networks," Tech. Rep. LERSSE-TR-2010-001, Laboratory for Education and Research in Secure Systems Engineering, University of British Columbia, January 2010:

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