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000000224 100__ $$aQiang Wei
000000224 245__ $$aAuthorization Recycling in Hierarchical RBAC Systems
000000224 260__ $$c2009-03-12
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000000224 520__ $$aAs distributed applications increase in size and complexity, traditional authorization architectures based on a dedicated authorization server become increasingly fragile because this decision point represents a single point of failure and a performance bottleneck. Authorization caching, which enables the re-use of previous authorization decisions, is one technique that has been used to address these challenges. This paper introduces and evaluates the mechanisms for authorization "recycling" in RBAC enterprise systems. The algorithms that support these mechanisms allow making precise and approximate authorization decisions, thereby masking possible failures of the authorization server and reducing its load. We evaluate these algorithms analytically as well as using simulation and a prototype implementation. Our evaluation results demonstrate that authorization recycling can improve the performance of distributed access control mechanisms.
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000000224 6531_ $$aRBAC
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000000224 6531_ $$aauthorization recycling
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000000224 700__ $$aJason Crampton
000000224 700__ $$aKonstantin Beznosov
000000224 700__ $$aMatei Ripeanu
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000000224 909C4 $$pQ. Wei, J. Crampton, K. Beznosov, M. Ripeanu, “Authorization Recycling in Hierarchical RBAC Systems,” to appear in ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC), 32 pages, preprint.
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