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000000181 100__ $$aHafiz Abdur Rahman
000000181 100__ $$aKonstantin Beznosov
000000181 100__ $$aJosé R. Martí
000000181 245__ $$aIdentification of sources of failures and their  propagation in critical infrastructures from 12 years  of public failure reports 
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000000181 520__ $$aUnderstanding the origin of infrastructure failures and their  propagation patterns in critical infrastructures can provide important  information for secure and reliable infrastructure design. Among the critical  infrastructures, the Communication and Information Technology Infrastructure  (CITI) is crucial, as it provides the basic mechanism for sharing information  among all infrastructures. Failures in CITI can disrupt the effective  functionality of the other critical infrastructures. Conversely, failures in the  other infrastructures can also propagate to CITI, and hence disrupt the  operation of all systems. In this study, we used public domain failure reports to  identify the origin of these failures and their propagation patterns. We analysed  347 infrastructure failure cases reported from 1994 to 2005 in the Association  for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) RISKS forum. We studied these reports to  determine the causes of infrastructure failures and their impact on CITI and  other critical infrastructures in a number of dimensions, such as the origin of  failures, impacts of failures in spatial and temporal dimensions, their effect on  public safety and how failures propagate from one infrastructure to another.  The results obtained from the analysis of these real-life failure cases, which  occurred over a considerable timespan, should be useful to researchers and  practitioners. This paper also discusses the difficulties and limitations of using  public domain data in academic research test.
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000000181 6531_ $$afailure identification
000000181 6531_ $$afailure propagation
000000181 6531_ $$acommunication and information technology infrastructure
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000000181 909C4 $$pHafiz Abdur Rahman, Konstantin Beznosov and José R. Martí, "Identification of sources of failures and their propagation in critical infrastructures from 12 years  of public failure reports ", International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 2009 - Vol. 5, No.3  pp. 220 - 244
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