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000000167 100__ $$aFabrizio Monticelli
000000167 245__ $$aCreation and Evaluation of SQL Injection Security Tools
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000000167 520__ $$aThis work summarizes our research on the topic of the creation and evaluation of security tools against SQL injection attacks (SQLIAs). We introduce  briefly the key concepts and problems of information security and we present  the ma jor role that SQL Injection is playing in this scenario. Based on the  above analysis and on today’s computer security state-of-the-art, we focus  our research on the specific field of SQLIAs, which are still one of the most  exploited and dangerous intrusion techniques used to access web applications.  More exactly we address both the problems of (1) how to completely evaluate  SQLIAs security systems in order to achieve useful results and subsequently  a better level of security by proposing a novel evaluation methodology, and  (2) how to be safe from SQLIAs by creating and presenting, as a case study  of our evaluation procedure, an effective tool for detecting and preventing  known as wel l as new SQL injection attacks.  The proposal evaluation methodology is general and adaptable to any security tools for detection or prevention of SQLIAs. It is a complete step-by-step  procedure which provides a guideline to test and value important characteristics such as efficiency, effectiveness, stability, flexibility and performance and  achieves usable and comparable results to properly judge the tested tool. In  addiction, as a case study of our methodology, we present the evaluation of  our tool we have named SQLPrevent which dynamically detects SQL injection attacks using a heuristics approach, and blocks the corresponding SQL  statements from being submitted to the back-end database. In our experiments, SQLPrevent produced no false positives or false negatives, it has  100% detection and prevention rate measured on different types of SQLIAs,  is environment independence, and imposed on average of 0.3% performance  overhead. 
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000000167 6531_ $$aSQLPrevent
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000000167 909C4 $$pFabrizio Monticelli, "Creation and Evaluation of SQL Injection Security Tools," Master thesis, Milano (MI), Italia, Department of Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Milano Technical University, Oct, 2008, pp.184. 
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