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000000148 100__ $$aKonstantin Beznosov
000000148 245__ $$aA Broad Empirical Study of IT Security Practioners
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000000148 520__ $$aSecurity of information technology (IT) has become a critical issue for organizations as they must protect their information assets from unauthorized access and quickly resume business activities after a security breach. In order for technological solutions to provide effective support to IT security practitioners, tool developers need to understand better not only the technical, but also the human and organizational dimensions of IT security. To date, there is little empirical evidence about how human, organizational, and technological factors impact the processes of managing IT security. Moreover, little is known about the responsibilities and roles of security practitioners or the effectiveness of their tools and security management practices. The Human, Organization, and Technology Centred Improvement of IT Security Administration (HOT Admin) research project is working to fill this gap. 
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000000148 909C4 $$pKonstantin Beznosov, "A Broad Empirical Study of IT Security Practioners," talk given at the Coast to Coast Seminar Series, 2008-03-18.
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