Security Practitioners in Context: Their Activities and Collaborative Interactions

Rodrigo Werlinger ; Kirstie Hawkey ; Konstantin Beznosov

06 February 2008

Abstract: This study develops the context of interactions of IT security practitioners. Preliminary qualitative analysis of 22 interviews (to date) and participatory observation has identified eight different types of activities that require interactions between security practitioners and different stakeholders. Our analysis shows that the tools used by our participants do not provide sufficient support for their complex security tasks, including the interactions with other stakeholders. We provide recommendations to improve tool support for security practitioners.

Keyword(s): HOT Admin ; Security Tools ; Usable Security ; Qualitative Analysis

Published in: Werlinger, R., Hawkey, K., and Beznosov, K. Poster presented at "Security and Privacy Conference", Victoria, BC, Canada, February 2008.:

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